Gallery Calendar

2023 is the year that Art From Us brings you curated shows from our private collection. Paired with evening-dining experiences and movie-viewings, we are bringing you a host of experiential events at the Gallery as well as online through our Zoom-Events. To Register or find out more about each event that we have on our Gallery Calendar reach out to us on or then to book an in-person viewing mail us at We Look forward to seeing you!


Art From Us presents the healing artworks of Renooji & Divvya Nirula. The Art showcased here is an exploration of the energy worlds. Especially the bridges to the worlds they see and explore through their visions and meditative processes.

April – May 2023
A collection of 31 ink on paper works by Renooji & Divvya Nirula. Each work reveals, in part, the ‘Anatomy of the Aura’. Here in particular it is the Chakras that take centre-stage. Part of a larger body of work this is the first time the artists are showcasing a part of this ongoing project. 

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July 2023
Renooji & Divvya Nirula explore the idea that we are all made-up of matter that was once the stars and moons in other galaxies. These paper-works are a celebration of the oneness with the Universe, the Self and the Collective Spiritual Consciousness. Could it be we shine there and here, forever.

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August 2023
When our creative act collides with reality and material nature there is an explosion that occurs. But, before that there is the proverbial storm within the tea-cup. To access the storm, to enter and exit it at will, is to know the secrets of the cosmos. This body of work by Renooji & Divvya Nirula explores this path and maps their journey. 

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Our aim in running an Art Gallery and being part of an Art Collective is to be always asking questions, Where do the Artists, the Galleries, the Institutions, the Patrons and the Collectors stand today?

Especially in a post COVID world how does and where does artistic expression find new ground? The answers we bring to you are through artworks that heal and highlighting that intrinsically, “Art Is Healing”. This is our vision that fuels our mission.


To represent, archive and bring to the world the healing artworks of mother-daughter artistic duo Renooji & Divvya Nirula. A key part of the mission is to catalog these snapshots, across mediums and styles, that speak to and are witness to their mystical experiences.