Dancing Ganesha

Art From Us presents Dancing Ganesha, an exhibition showcasing mixed media works on paper. Created by Clairvoyant, Healer and Artist, Renooji, these 34 works explore the various forms of Ganesha through the lens of the Night.

The exhibition was held both digitally and in-person in January 2023 and was very well received by collectors old and new, international and local.

These Dancing Ganesha – Night Edition Healing Artworks come to you with the light of the deep and
limitless Midnight Cosmos. Meditated upon with healing devotion, and manifested by Renooji these happy, gracious, obstacle removing, joyous and transformative works are here.

The launch of this series completes the energy cycle and energy journey that began during Diwali 2017 with the Dancing Ganesha Day Edition – a series of 33 artworks.

As each work found its new home there was an exchange of invitation and acceptance. When asked about the process of sharing their healing artworks with the world at large, Divvya Nirula said,

 “It is such a joy to see the artworks travel and be invited into homes and hearts. These divine forms ignite an expansive connection with the Light of Love and Grace, allowing the viewer and the collector to journey into the Heart of the Divine accessing all Opulences. Jai Ganesha!”

In case you missed the Dancing Ganesha exhibitions – Day or Night, click here to view the entire series.