Chakra Visions

Art From Us presents Chakra Visions, an exhibition that presents 31 ink on paper works by Renooji, curated by Divvya Nirula.

Previewed in March of 2023. We then opened the exhibition for in-person viewing as well as digital viewing, from 22 April 2023 through to 10 May 2023.

If you missed the exhibition and would like to explore these visions of the many chakras click here. Seen clairvoyantly by Renooji through the ‘Anatomy of the Aura’ each work is a snapshot of a moment in the life of the chakra.

Chakra, by definition is an energy centre or vortex within our energetic and auric fields. They are these turbines of expulsion and suction that control the levels of the negative and positive within our auras. What we think, feel,  interact with, even eat and listen to effects the chakras and their functioning. The Chakras themselves are but one part, component or organ in the ‘Anatomy of the Aura’ and this exhibition presents 31 of them.

When asked why this body of work and why now, Renooji answers,


“The Chakra is the basic unit of how our auras function and are created. Many a times I have seen parts of chakras missing, de-stabilised or even diseased. These Chakra Visions are a healing tool, where Divvya and I have collaborated to create and accurately depict what I see happening at an energy level. Wherever these works shall travel to and be housed they will create positive energy vortexes of light, healing specifically that chakra for that person, place, city and country. This is the aim of these and all our artworks – to be agents of healing.  Why now you ask, for this is a time of profound grace descending on Planet Earth, a once in 500 years kind of event. We want to share the blessings and bounty of goodness with all. The Chakra Visions is one way for us to do that.”